I Parcellari
Davide Canina
IPARCELLARI was born from the passion for the wines of Davide Canina, who is a professional Piedmontese sommelier, even before the wine quality, he underlines the concept of wine production much related in the expression of a wine through its territory.

During his visits and meeting in Italy and also abroad, he fell in love with the deep bond that companies have for the vineyard parcel production of wines, or rather for the exasperation of wine production in the wine-growing area through the different plots( lieux-dits) or climat.

The vineyard parcel (lieux-dits) represents a defined and limited space within an officially registered plot of land.
A set of parcels can be considered a plot (climat).

Davide Canina

Davide Canina Piemontese, engineer, has married his passion for wine since 2008, becoming a professional sommelier. Since 2014 he has been responsible for the wine lists of starred restaurants in Piedmont. He is also a teacher at the AFP Colline Astigiane school. In addition, since 2019 he has been director of the ASPI Monferrato courses, delegation of the Italian Professional Sommellerie Association (ASPI), the only Italian member of ASI-Association at Sommellerie Internationale founded in Reims in 1969.

“Wine is the song of the earth to the sky.
Wine pleases me not for what I feel
but for what wine seems to express to me.
In the end I am invaded by him, I am possessed by him, by his qualities
from his stories. In the moment of contact he was the most important.
So I would say that every single wine is capable of telling something different.”
[ By Luigi Veronelli ]
The project
Govone Producers
Davide e Monica
Govone Producers
Agostino Malvicino
In 2019, together with Monica Pedrotto, life - partner and co-creator of the project, the adventure of IParcellari begun. From the meeting with Agostino Malvicino, at the time director of Produttori di Govone, the project of enhancing the 300 ha area owned by the members through a Parcel selection of the best vineyards to produce wines of the highest quality from Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, territories under the preservation label of UNESCO started up. The project was born in the vineyard named Bricco Pizzo in Cioccaro di Penango- Asti, where Davide was in the role of Head of Sommeliers until January 2021 for Locanda del Sant'Uffizio of Enrico Bartolini, a one Michelin starred restaurant at the time, currently upgraded to two stars of the international award. From here it all starts (started): Davide and Agostino begun to study the map of vineyards and their Parcels, analyzing soils and clones of the grapes. With a cooperation and the focused work Claudio Dacasto, local wine-maker, Parcels of Barbra, Grignolino, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Albarossa and Nebbiolo were identified as eligible to produce wines capable of expressing the most out of the terroirs of the three selected sites: Portacomaro, Montegrosso d'Asti and Govone.

From this idea our motto- ONE VINEYARD, ONE PLOT, ONE WINE- was born.

In the beginning of 2022, Maurizio Gily joined the team as an agronomist and oenologist consultant. The goal was to improve the management of the vineyards for better facing the challenges of climate change and search for new Parcels to involve in the project and new wines to produce.
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